Job Fairs in CaliforniaVisiting a job fair in Shasta County is one of the best ways to begin to relocate here. Finding a job and making connections will smooth the transition, even if you don’t have family or friends in the area. If you’re thinking of moving, be sure to check out one of our bi-annual job fairs if you can.

Of course, there are many other reasons to attend job fairs out of town:

Benefits of California Job Fairs

  • They allow you to speak with company representatives who are ordinarily elusive. CEOs, even at small companies, are difficult to reach so you can speak with them. But at job fairs, they’re everywhere! A job fair is the best chance to make a personal connection.
  • Help you speak with people in a less-formal atmosphere than a job interview. At a job fair, both you and the employees you speak with, will be less on edge than in an interview setting. No one will be trying to nail you to the wall with questions. In short: It’s a prime opportunity to persuade employers to like you.
  • Help you submit resumes. Many times companies come to job fairs expecting to interview interested people later on. Employers love to see good resumes. There’s no harm in submitting one, and you may be asked to interview.
  • Get contact information: Nothing greases the wheels of the hiring process like having someone on the inside. Make friends with someone at a job fair, write down their e-mail, and it will be much easier for you to find a job at their company.
  • Show you how an industry has changed. If you haven’t been in a particular field for 5 years or more, then a job fair is a great place to find out what’s new, what’s different, and what’s stayed the same.
  • Expand your network: Not just through employers, but through other job seekers. If you interact with them, you may find ways to help each other out.
  • Give you a feel for where you stand: At a job fair you can find out how valuable your skills are to people, and how formidable your competition is for work. You may enter a job fair and find out you’re behind of the curve – which is useful knowledge. Or you may find out you’re not, which is even more useful. If your skills are more valuable than you thought, you may find that your opportunities expand.
  • Answer your questions: It’s not just about self-promotion. A job fair is the best time and place to have all your burning questions for employers and fellow job-seekers answered. Even if you don’t see job opportunities that you want, you can still take away valuable information.
  • Restock your supply of pens and cups: This is not the main benefit of job fairs of course, but companies do give away a lot of free merchandise. No reason to come away empty-handed!

In short, job fairs are fantastic opportunities, especially if you’re new to an area and have few connections. In Shasta County, they don’t occur very frequently. If you want to be informed when our next job fair is, sign up for a newsletter to be receive updates on that and other events.

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