Immediately after the interview send either a handwritten or typed thank you letter to the interviewer. Use the following sample as a guide. You can also mention a topic discussed, a problem you can help solve or something you may have forgotten to mention in the interview. Sample Thank You Letter

Ronald Morgan 123 Main Street Apt. C-3 St. Paul, MN 55050 (123) 123-4567February 6, 2010Mr. Vincent Kelger Research and Development Manager Computers International 11234 West Ivanto Avenue St. Paul, MN 55051Dear Mr. Kelger:I wanted to thank you for the time you spent reviewing and discussing my skills for the computer analyst position. I enjoyed learning more about your company and plans for the future.The position sounds very interesting, particularly since it would be an opportunity for me to use my skills and experience in computer programming and troubleshooting.I will call you in a few days in the hope that you have reached a decision favorable to both of us. Sincerely, Ronald Morgan
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