The purpose of the Employed Worker On-the-Job Training Program is to reduce the cost of training employed workers who have been identified for a higher-skilled, higher-paid position. In this program, companies provide the employee’s training and are reimbursed half of the employee’s wage during the training period.

This sounds good. What’s expected of my company if I sign up for this? Your company is expected to identify an existing full-time employee (at least 35 hours a week), train the employee in a higher-skilled job, increase their wage at the completion of the training, and keep them on after the Employed Worker On-the-Job Training Program ends. To participate, you would agree to work with Smart to develop a training plan for your employee, to supervise the employee, to evaluate training progress, to give Smart copies of time sheets and payroll stubs during the training period, to increase the employee’s wage at the end of the training, and to keep the employee on after the training. With your input, Smart develops the training plan, writes the contract and monitors the worksite during the training period. Our goal is to keep the process simple and the program easy to use.

Will my company qualify? If you’ve been operating in Shasta County for at least a year, have identified an employee that has been working with your company for a minimum of three months, have someone on staff to supervise and train the employee, and intend to offer your employee a long-term job with the same benefits and working conditions as others doing the same type of work, your company qualifies. Your company will not qualify to participate if you do not have a California Employer ID, if you do not have Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage, if you’ve had a layoff in the last 4 months, or if you have accessed Smart’s On-the-Job Training Programs before and did not keep the employee on after the contract.

Does the Smart Center need to be involved before I start training the employee? Yes, Smart will need to be involved before the employee starts their training. If you have someone you’re considering promoting to a higher-skilled, higher-paid position, contact Smart to have a Program Adviser meet with you at your office to develop the training plan.

How much money will Smart reimburse my company? That answer depends on the wage you pay and the length of the training period. If you hire a full-time employee at $10/hour for a 3 month training contract, Smart will reimburse $5/hour for hours worked during training which could total $2,595. Smart does not reimburse your company for time the employee does not work such as sick days or holidays.

How does the reimbursement work? Your company will give Smart copies of the employee’s time sheets and payroll stubs at the end of each calendar month. Smart will send you a check for half of the employee’s wages for time worked.

Who has access to my company’s payroll information? Your privacy and that of your employees is protected! Smart maintains strict confidentiality in this and all program matters. My company works with a Professional Employment Organization (PEO). Since our employees work for the PEO, can we access the On-the-Job Training Program? No. our On-the-Job training is designed to help businesses that hire employees. The program does not work with companies that lease employees or bring on temporary employees.

Anything else I should know? Yes. No more than 25% of a company’s employees can participate in the On-the-Job training program at one time

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