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Upgrading Current Skills
Further Education

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See below for a list of recent Layoffs/Closures.

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Shasta County Business


American Cancer Society2/1/2016
Anselmo Vineyard11/13/2014
Aramark (Laundry Processing Department)5/17/2015
Blue Shield of CA (Bechelli Lane)3/28/2016
California Auto Repair & Smog (CARS)10/12/2015
Cleo’s Salon1/2/2013
Derma Tran Health Solutions10/8/2015
Dignity Health (Medical Transcription Department)7/1/2015
Dignity Health/Mercy Hospital (EEG Department)9/1/2014
Dignity Health/Mercy Hospital (Financial Department)7/31/2014
Downtown Market, Inc.7/1/2014
Duke’s Steakhouse and Saloon8/3/2014
Enterprise Health Foods9/19/2014
Gerboth State Farm1/1/2015
Gold Street Café1/28/2015
Gone for Free Recycling8/29/2014
Grilla Bites12/1/2015
HILD Collison (Anderson Location)8/12/2014
Jones Valley Resort9/2/2014
Lakewood Christian Homecare7/1/2014
Marinellos School of Beauty2/4/2016
Measured Progress12/1/2014
N Computing12/23/2014
NorCal Truck Driving School7/1/2015
Northern Heart & Vascular Institute (Cardiology Site)1/3/2015
Olive A Sudden9/2/2014
On the River Supply, Inc.9/24/2015
Orange Julius12/1/2015
Quality First Home Improvement, Inc.7/31/2014
Radio Shack2/28/2015
Radio Shack7/24/2015
Redding Family Medical Lab12/16/2015
Redding Volkswagon Service Center1/29/2016
Redwood Empire8/29/2014
Shasta County Superior Court9/25/2014
Shasta Pizza Company8/22/2015
Shasta Uniforms8/31/2015
Starbucks (Cypress Ave.)11/1/2014
The Sports Bar3/8/2015
Tree of Life Christian Outlet4/30/2015
Tri Counties Bank/NVB-63 Constitution Drive8/24/2015
Tri-Counties Bank/NVB-300 Park Marina Circle10/3/2014
Tri-Counties Bank/NVB-880 East Cypress Avenue10/28/2014
Tri-Counties Bank/NVB-836 East Cypress Avenue12/1/2014
Tri-Counties Bank/NVB-804 East Cypress Avenue1/1/2015
Umsted’s Smokehouse9/2/2014
Unity Electric7/31/2014
US Post Office (Churn Creek)6/12/2015
Vector Marketing8/26/2015
Vintner’s Cellar8/21/2014
XO Group (The Knot, The Nest, The Bump, etc.)1/15/2015
Sports Authority5/1/2016
Churn Creek Pharmacy3/3/2016
Redding Orthopedic Center (Dr. Hankin)12/31/2015
No Limits Media12/2/2015
Joined Inc4/1/2016
LKQ, Inc. (Parts Trader)10/1/2015
Blue Sky Wellness &Essential Oils11/21/2015
French Gulch Nevada Mining Corp. 3/16/2016
Goodwill Industries International, Inc. (Workforce Development)1/8/2016
Redding Inn5/16/2016
Pre-Employ Preschool4/1/2016
Park Avenue Turf10/1/2016
Tri-Counties Bank/NVB – Merger  (Shasta Lake Branch)12/1/2014
Farmers Insurance- Stacy Shoemaker6/3/2016
Noah’s Vision, Inc.- Riviera Facility5/1/2016
Noah’s Vision, Inc.-Dino Facility5/1/2016
Earthstones Flooring (Purchasing Department)2/23/2015
Spoon Me6/27/2016
Learning in Motion Pre School & Enrichment Center6/30/2016
That Kitchen Place5/28/2016
Brick’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill7/11/2016
Motherhood Maternity2/24/2016
Shandy Brown Daycare7/29/2016
Shasta Green, Inc.10/10/2016
All Star Labor & Staffing9/24/2016
Lehigh Southwest Cement Co.9/9/2016
Nipa’s Thai Cuisine11/2/2015

Trinity County Business


Hayfork Drug Store9/18/2014
La Grange Café10/6/2014
Shasta Head Start6/9/2015
The Garden Café8/31/2014
Converting Equipment International (CEI)1/1/2016

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