Hometown Cleaning

  • Full Time
  • Trinity County , Lewiston
  • May 12, 2018

Hometown Cleaning

Residential cleaning services for Trinity County residents


I am currently starting a cleaning service here in Trinity County called Hometown Cleaning and I am looking to hire someone as an Independent Contractor.

This person will help me with larger jobs I can’t do on my own. I do have two other contractors already on hand so I only need 1 more to make a good solid 4 contractor crew.

We clean local residential homes, residential rentals (after move out), vacation rentals (through EVOLVE vacation rental network) and vacation homes that are privately owned/occupied.

Appointments come at random so I can’t always guarantee the same amount of pay/hours week to week. So if your looking for a steady income you can rely on, this won’t be good fit for you. This job is better for people looking for an added income or extra money. But not a good fit for someone who relies on this income solely for survival.

We don’t always go out as a 4 contractor crew. Most of the time I just need 1 other contractor to go with me on 2 contractor jobs (those are the most popular).

We provide cleaning supplies/tools for our contractors to use. If a contractor breaks a tool owned by Hometown Cleaning then that contractor will be held financially responsible for the cost of replacing that tool. Contractors are not required to purchase cleaning supplies/tools but they can if they choose too.

We do not withhold any income taxes from our Independent Contractors because they are not considered employees. Our contractors are all responsible for withholding and paying their own taxes.

I am looking for a contractor who is detail oriented with a big case of cleaning OCD. Preferably someone who lives in Lewiston or close by.

The contractor will get to choose their own hours/days they are willing to work as long as they can work up to 20 – 40 hrs a week.

We do a lot of communicating through Facebook so the contractor needs to have at least FB Messenger.

Contractor must be reliable. If the contractor accepts an appointment and then cancels the night prior that is considered unreliable behavior.

1 year of cleaning experience required. Can be at a hotel, motel, out at the lake cleaning house boats and cabins, but residential cleaning experience is preferred.

Contractor must be able to pass a national background check.

Contractor must be able to lift 25lbs and move/bend and work for 2 hours at a time before needing to take a break.  This is a physically demanding job that is very exhausting and labor intensive.

Contractor must have a valid drivers license, with a clear driving record for the past 2 years).

Contractor must own a vehicle that can be used to take other contractors to/from appointments/carpooling if needed. The vehicle must be mechanically sound, insured, and registered.

Contractor must be TRUSTWORTHY. Stealing is absolutely not tolerated and any contractor found to have stolen from a Hometown Cleaning client will be terminated immediately.

We do a probationary period of 20 hours before we offer you a contract to be an Independent Contractor for Hometown Cleaning. After the probationary period we evaluate the contractor and decide if they are a good addition to our team.

Interested Applicants can learn more about us on our FB page. You can Email me your resume or send it to me through FB messenger.

Job Summary

Number of openings: 1

Worksite City: Lewiston

Wages / Salary: Based on Experience

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Number of hours/week: varies

Job Hours: varies

Contract Status: Temporary to Permanent

If Temp, What is the duration: 20 hours

Job closes on: 2018-05-12


Experience in field: 1 Year

Driver’s License Required: Yes

Class: C

DMV History: Yes

FMCSA Medical Card Required: No

Lifting requirement: 25

Education Level: Highschool GED/Diploma

Ways to apply

To apply for this job email your details to hometowncleaning96093@gmail.com

Apply on our company's website: http://www.facebook.com/hometowncleaning96093

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