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  • Aug 29, 2019

Coffee Creek Ranch


JOB DESCRIPTION                     WAIT STAFF


Kitchen Duties:

1. Wash coffee pots inside and out before making a fresh pot. Use rock salt and ice cubes inside, and SOS

2. Fill and clean as needed, but check everyday – jam pots, honey, sugar, salt, pepper, baskets in dining room.

3. Make sure ashtrays are clean on outside tables, daily and tables are wiped down.

4. Clean shelves where honey and cereal is kept, monkey (saucers) dishes go underneath.

5) Keep coffee pot area clean.

5. Make butter dishes.

6. Make coffee for each meal as needed – always ask guests if they want regular coffee or decaf.

7. Take dirty dish towels to laundry when hamper is full.


Dining-room Duties

1. Set up juice bar – 2 juices, one orange, one other (refer to menu); make coffee.  This should be done by

7:30am. Serve fruit individually.

2. Take “hot” breakfast orders from 8-9am.  Don’t forget to offer hot cereal, toast, and eggs every morning!

3. Check all lamp oil in horseshoe holders before meals and replace if necessary

4. If table setups are not used, bring around through kitchen and put away if clean – that means place-mats,

silverware, napkins, and dishes, also salads should be pulled from non-occupied seats before main course


5. Set tables – all inside meals, do setups from checklist for outside meals.

6. Clean all tables, bring dirty dishes to dishwasher, pull food and butter first.  Put butter in container, give food

to cook to put away.

7. Dust dining room – check for cobwebs, especially in cupboards. Dust tables before each meal and as needed.

At least once a day, clean the ones not used as well.

8. Fill drink containers in dining room. Make backups of lemonade, ice tea, & punch (2 ea)

9. Wash windows, chandeliers, every Friday and polish tables – use lemon oil on redwood cupboards only.

10. Check Pony Room after each meal for dirty glasses and keep water filled outside bar, as well as plastic

glasses for water (3 doz) stacked on wood tray.

11. Girls wear a bra when serving for your own protection. Shorts outside are ok, but inside dresses, skirts,

jeans, slacks & Western garb required.  Don’t go overboard, but a bandana and a hat go a long way! Staff

shirts are supplied by ranch.

12. Serve the guests from the left side and remove from the right.

13. CLEAN OUTSIDE BATHROOMS, staff bathroom, and wipe tables on porch everyday before breakfast.

We are judged by how clean our toilets look!

14. All wait staff must keep hair up off the shoulders, or wear a hair net, or pinned up or braided.

15. All wait staff must wear a shirt that covers their armpits.

16. SMILE!!!!!!!!    SMILE!!!!!!!!      SMILE!!!!!!!!   SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!



1) Must be able to serve food – either individual plates or buffet.

2) Must have some waiting experience.

3) Knowledge of different wines helpful.

4) Must be able to follow directions.

5) Knowledge of sanitation.

6) Must have a Food Handler’s certificate.



1) Must be in good physical health.

2) Must be able to lift 80 pounds.


Original 1976, Revised Feb 1994, April 1996, May 1999. June 2019

Job Summary

Worksite City: Trinity Center

Wages / Salary: Min wage $11.00 an hour, Room and board provided but applies toward the min wage

Number of hours/week: 40

Contract Status: Regular

Job closes on: 2019-08-29


Experience in field: 2 years

Driver's License Required: Yes

DMV History:

FMCSA Medical Card Required:

Certifications: Food Handler's Certificate

Lifting requirement: 80 lbs

Education Level: High School Diploma/GED

Ways to apply

Download Application

Apply In Person at Smart Center in Weaverville: The Smart Center 790 Main St Weaverville, California, 96093

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