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  • Trinity County , Trinity Center
  • Aug 29, 2019

Coffee Creek Ranch




1)      Help head chef with the prepping of food and putting food away in the walk-in and freezers when supplies arrive at the ranch (that means bringing supplies in from the vehicle to the kitchen).

2)      Help wash lunch/dinner dishes from head chef and put away..

3)      Help keep walk-in clean and organized front and back. Clean floors when necessary.

4)      Label, date and put away food leftovers from meals in walk-in or freezer – make sure food is covered properly.

5)      When meat order comes in, make sure it’s wrapped and labeled and put in freezer or walk-in.

6)      Can wear jeans and white t-shirts when working in kitchen.  Must wear staff shirt or cook whites to serve outside of kitchen or on special occasions you can wear Western Attire.

7)      Do dishes and floor on dishwasher’s day off.

8)      Let head chef know if you are low on supplies or food.

9)      Guests will catch fish and clean outside fish station.  They must bring guts to kitchen to throw away, so please throw in garbage for them when they ask.

10)  Keep dry pantry clean and stocked. Note on white board which supplies are low.

11)  Practice basic sanitation at all times.  Wear a safety mitt when cleaning meat slicer.

12)  8 hours a day split shift.  Hours may vary depending on guest capacity for each week.

13)  Job duties may vary or change according to the day of the week.

14)  Clean chopping boards and surfaces with bleach rinse for counter tops.  Change bleach water when necessary.


1)      Must have clean work habits.

2)      Must have current Food Handers or ServSafe Certificate, good in the State of California.

3)      Must keep shoulders and armpits covered.  No tank tops.

4)      Good time management.

5)      Knowledge of handling knives and sharpening helpful, meat slicer, mixers, food processor, ETC.

6)      Must be trainable on ranch protocol, be able to communicate and follow directions. Be able to read recipes, menus, and time schedules.

7)      Smile and have a great attitude toward job.


1)      Must be in good physical condition and be presentable. No Hepatitis-C.

2)      Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

3)      Must have TB test or chest X-ray. Test must be negative.


Original 1978 Revised: May1988, May1994,April 1996, June 1997, May 1999, March 2017, June 2019

Job Summary

Worksite City: Trinity Center

Wages / Salary: $13.00 per hour Room and Board provided but counts towards wages.

Number of hours/week: 40

Contract Status: Regular

Job closes on: 2019-08-29


Experience in field: 5 years

Driver's License Required: Yes

DMV History:

FMCSA Medical Card Required:

Certifications: Food Handler's Certificate or ServSafe Certification

Lifting requirement: 50 lbs

Education Level: Some college

Ways to apply

Download Application

Apply In Person at Smart Center in Weaverville: The Smart Center 790 Main St Weaverville, California, 96093

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