The Smart Center has gathered a lot of attention for its work helping low-income and unskilled individuals find promising careers. And rightly so. But what is less widely known is how much the Smart Center does to help out employees with lots of skills – and the employers who want to hire them – especially through applicant testing.

Hiring skilled: How it works

As with unskilled workers, skilled workers can take advantage of our numerous connections with businesses in the area. Experienced workers who have recently entered the job market in Shasta County may find it even easier to find opportunities through us.

The type of qualifications the Smart Center regularly looks for are:

  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Associates Degrees
  • Technical certifications through accredited schools
  • Experience in the medical industry (medical office receptionists, medical billing/coding, CNA, CMA, LVN, RN)
  • CNC Machining
  • Welding
  • Computer IT experience
  • Advanced manufacturing

The bulk of our services would be useful to any job seeker – regardless of their level of experience. Our job listings, for example, are used by companies and organizations across the county and contain much more than entry-level jobs. Anyone can benefit from many of our workshops designed to expand skills. And, for those who don’t have easy access to resources and office supplies, we provide public computers, fax machines, printers, and so on.

Our mission is to make this county a better, more prosperous place. Often this means helping those who are down on their luck, but sometimes it just means assisting earnest job seekers to connect with the employers who need them.

Applicant Testing

One of the most important ways we help skilled job seekers and the employers looking for those skills is through applicant testing. The Smart Business Resource Center can confirm that applicants have the skills they claim in a variety of fields, including clerical, software, financial, industrial, call center, legal, and medical disciplines.

We perform these services at the request of the employer, but it is helpful to all parties to have solid assurance of a worker’s skills. Job seekers also find that our applicant testing services grant them valuable credibility in the job market.

Who we are

We wrote this article in part because we are so often associated by people in Shasta County with efforts to ease poverty and help young people. We are very proud of what we’ve done in those areas. But our goal is to create opportunity for everyone in the area.

It breaks our hearts when skilled workers have difficulty finding jobs in Redding, because we could so easily assist them. We are a resource. If you are looking for workers, or looking for work, we hope that you’ll choose to get in touch.

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