What are Job Seekers saying about Smart Business Resource Center? 

“I have been coming to the job center for over a year. ….. not only was I made aware of available resources but also taught how to be more computer literate: something that was keeping me from being hired. I now have two jobs and am able to function on the computer much better and I’m loving it.”

“When I came to Smart Resource Business Center, I was feeling quite defeated in my search for a job. I had skills, experience and I was work ready. However after two years of job searching, I was out of options and ideas. My Case Manager and I could not have had a better fit for my needs! My Case Manager was an encouraging mentor, a confidence builder and a true partner in my employment quest. She gave classes and kept me in the loop of more classes offered and meetings that supported my job search. She sent me many job opportunities via email and called from time to time to check on my progress. Smart offered classes on Google Docs which changed my career life for the better. The instructor’s enthusiasm and confidence was also a big factor in raising my confidence. His humor was contagious and made learning fun.  Business Services Representatives were instrumental in helping me identify interview errors I was making during our mock interviews. They helped me replace some of those poor interview habits with better choices. I can say with all confidence that if it were not for the team at Smart, I would not have landed this position.”

“Today I am completing my first week on the job in a permanent position.  I credit Shasta Smart for having been a great resource during my job search.  Specifically, I think the 14/21 questions resource you provided helped me to prepare to ask and answer questions in an effective way, which led to a job offer 24 hours after the interview.”