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Your Contribution helps create positive work experience opportunities for teen youth & on the job training opportunities for adults.
Are you looking to donate to a great local cause?  With our local community slowly recovering from the recession, we have many teen youth in need of securing their first positive work experience and we have many adults trying to return to the workforce.

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  Della Della Della was laid off from her previous job as a Production Manager for a publishing company in late 2012. She was having difficulty finding full time employment and sought the services of the job search team at the Smart Center. She asked for help with her resume and attended the Smart networking job seeker workshops. These workshops cover topics such as Networking for Success and Staying Motivated in your Job Search. She also studied and passed the Smart sponsored National Workforce Readiness Credential course. She was very open to participating in any skills development classes that would make her more marketable to employers. After help from Smart in further assessing her transferable skills as well as possible skills gaps, she requested sponsorship from Smart to attend Shasta College for Administrative Office Assistant. Della completed the courses in one year and received straight As. She took classes in areas such Excel, Outlook, 10-Key, Keyboarding and Business English. To supplement her training, she also took a Quickbooks class through the Shasta Builders Exchange. After completing school, Della interviewed with an engineering firm who were looking for a Front Office Assistant. She was subsequently hired and is very happy with her position. With her completion of skills upgrades, and assistance from the Smart Center to attend vocational training at Shasta College, she was able to take the next step along her career path and return to the workforce. Your donation can help people like Della get back to work and support their families.
Alyssa Alyssa Alyssa had come into to the Youth Program in the summer of 2010 as part of Smart’s Media Project team. Although the team did not officially designate a project leader, it did not take long for Smart staff to notice that Alyssa is a natural leader. With strong communication and organizational skills, she helped lead the team in producing and narrating a successful video documentary of 2010’s Summer Youth Program. As the Media Project concluded, Alyssa was enrolled in to Smart’s year-round Youth Program. There, she went on to work for a local heating and air conditioning business as a paid intern through Smart’s work experience program. As expected, Alyssa garnered rave reviews from her supervisors and was not only hired permanently but also stayed with the company for several years. All the while, Alyssa was also focused on furthering her education, taking on the task of simultaneously working and going to college. As a student at Shasta Community College, she worked diligently and stayed focused. And after completing required general education and transfer courses, Alyssa transferred to Simpson University and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Alyssa is currently working as a case manager for a non-profit homecare services company in Redding.

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  • Ignite Opportunity STEM Career Day

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    5th Annual Ignite Opportunity STEM Career Day

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